I almost forgot that it’s SUNDAY!

You know what that means around here now…  It’s SCBurlesque day!  so… again, tagging with scburlesque so those of you not interested in seeing the most amazing and body-diverse photos of fabulous burlesquers… add it to tumblrsavior.  And for the rest of you:

The thing that moves me most about my burlesque experiences is how many different kinds of bodies there are.  I’ve seen performers who are barely 18, trim and tiny… and women in their 40s, stretch marks, lines, wrinkles… Thin, Fat and everything in between…  and at a good show, at the best shows— it doesn’t matter what BODY is performing— they all get the same respect and cheers and joyful reception.  If for no other reason, than because they have the balls to get up on stage and shake it just as they are.

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